Praise for “The Watchman’s File”

Not since John Le Carré’s ‘Little Drummer Girl’ has there been such a nail-bitingly suspenseful novel about the Middle East.  Only a veteran investigative reporter with Lando’s intimate knowledge of the US and Israel could have written ‘The Watchman’s File,’ which is rooted in historic precedent and is frighteningly credible.” 

          Lara Marlowe, correspondent for The Irish Times

"At last a really good mystery with a TV reporter as the detective.  No wonder it's so good: it's written by one of Mike Wallace's favorite producers, who's come up with a who-done-it worthy of Dashiel Hammett; characters out of his 60 Minutes reports; and a detective he calls Ed -- who looks, sounds and acts -- like you know who!  I loved it!"

           Lesley Stahl, Correspondent 60 Minutes  

“…a spellbinding tale of intrigue…While the characters and plot may be imaginary, Lando’s description of the political and journalistic worlds they inhabit is devastatingly accurate.  If you have one book to read at the beach this summer, this should be the one.”

            Jim Bittermann, CNN Senior Correspondent, Paris

“…a political thriller with real immediacy: meaty and gripping, full of surprises and atmosphere. It is set to rival Daniel Silva’s tales about Gabriel Allon’s exploits.

         Dusko Doder. Author of “The Firebird Affair”

For 25 years, Barry Lando was the best reporter at the best news broadcast in America. He has laced his fast-paced thriller with all the passion and insight that made him, for a quarter-century, one of America’s most influential journalists.” 

            Richard Bonin, Emmy-Award winning Pr

oducer 60 Minutes, Author of “Arrows of the Night.”

-“….a heart-stopping thriller replete with riveting predicaments and quick-thinking characters. It is a fascinating performance, impossible to put down!”

               Richard Sale, Intelligence Correspondent for the Middle East Times.

“Barry is one of the most talented news producers in the business. Full stop. His investigative reporting and analysis, whether on television, in books or on the Web, is always informative and often extraordinary.”

              Chris Dickey, Paris Bureau Chief/Mideast Editor at Newsweek/The Daily Beast

A riveting thriller…the best I have read in years… It is fiction but is written with a reporter’s eye for detail….a virtuoso debut novel…’’

            Ira Rosen  Emmy-Award winning Producer 60 Minutes..

 “Lando's experience as a journalist turns this combination of well researched history and gripping fiction into an enthralling read.”   

              Ali Velshi, New York anchor, for Al Jazeera America

"Lando guides us on a tour of the nether world that lies between Israel and its existential enemies. He elevates duplicity and deception to high art.”

              Doug Tunnell, former Foreign Correspondent CBS News.

I couldn’t put it down. Lando has brought to bear his intimate knowledge of Israelis, Palestinians and television news to create a must-read novel that never lets up.”

              Ken Witty, former Executive Producer, Wall Street Journal Television.

 “With an always- gripping, ever-twisting plot, The Watchman File is one of those vivid books you just can’t put down. And it makes a powerful point about how extremist politics –on both ends of the spectrum—can wind up making common cause. “  

            Lee W. Huebner, Airlie Professor of Media and Public Affairs, The George Washington University