The Elections-On the Road to Oblivion?

There are some Futurists who argue that we humans are headed for oblivion, to be replaced by a new species—a product of the current mind-boggling developments in Artificial Intelligence, robotics and machine learning. There’s no better proof for that claim than the presidential campaign just staggering to its farcical conclusion, in what is supposed to be the most advanced country on the planet. 

After Nice--What the Hell is France to Do?

France is still in shock from the horrific rampage in Nice last night.  And right on cue, terrorist experts in France, Europe and around the globe—including Donald Trump and New Gingrich—are already counseling what new Draconian measures should be implemented to deal with the menace of Radical Islam.

But their mindless spewing has nothing to do with what happened in Nice.

Terrorism and Freedom of Speech in the Age of the Internet

There are rabid extremists everywhere these days, with raging rhetoric and venomous rallying cries. When their appeals to fear and violence provoke predictably, murderous actions, why shouldn’t they also be charged with complicity for the tragic results?

Why should they be able to continue to spew their volatile messages on mainstream media and across the Internet. When, in short, do societies put a reign on so-called “free speech?”

Terrorism: Paris & Orlando-an Existential Crisis

Americans still reeling from the horrific attack in Orlando probably don’t know it, but Paris today is also staggered by another bloody terrorist killing: two police—an officer and his wife, who also worked for the police—were hacked to death late last night. The French are particularly stunned and outraged by the fact that the police couple were murdered in their own home—the husband stabbed to death—the wife’s neck slashed--in the presence of their three year old son, who survived. 

Shocked by Trump? Churchill wanted to “Collar them all"

We’re outraged by Donald Trump’s demanding databases and I.D. cards to protect America from the super-hyped threat of Syrian refugees. We’re ashamed by the memory of Roosevelt’s interning more than 100,000 Japanese American residents and citizens during World War II. But Winston Churchill went even further. He ordered the internment of tens of thousands of Jewish refugees in England, labeling them dangerous enemy aliens.